The Flick Rig is a sturdy camera, sound and lighting shoulder rig that holds. It will support most types of cameras from an iphone to an Arrialexa mini or RED Epic. The Flick Rig has a wide build for minimal shake, allowing you a stable shot as you shoot on the move.

No Film Crew, no problem.  Flick Rig allows you to become a one-person crew controlling multiple cameras, sound and lighting.  Think of it as a cinematographer’s erector set.  You can build it as simply or elaborately as you need to accomplish the shooting job in front of you.

The unique design of the double shoulder mount, middle support post of the Flick Rig allows you to “lock in” to the rig with 3 stabilizing points so that the camera moves with your body. You can keep your camera steady without the need for a counterweight.

Flick Rig has its own trigger operated pully-focus system, eliminating the need for an independent focus puller.   The focus gear attaches to the lense at the bottom for stability.

The specialty-designed aluminum bars are prefabricated so that you can mount any type of gear that uses a ¼ 20 bolt such as a sound recorder and wireless lav system and additional lights.

The Flick Rig one-inch cross bars are perfect to mount as many magic arms as you need to fully customize the rig as you want it.

The result is a rig that’s specifically designed for exactly what you need to get your vision on the big screen.

Dimensions: 24” H x 24” W x 25” D

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